Starting in 2011, Demireller Mining Inc. expanded its mining activities to magnesite through other group companies. The high quality magnesite produced in the magnesite field in Mersin/Mut meets the needs of sinter-magnesite factories in Turkey and abroad.

Potential magnesite reserve which belongs to our company is estimated as 10.000.0000 tons.

It is too hard to encounter with magnesite in appropriate features for requirements of usage areas. Because existence of any foreign substance more or less than %0.1 determines whether magnesite can be evaluated economically with current technology. However, our country is very lucky in aspect of keeping top-quality magnesite of the world. Low porosity, high refractoriness, high resistance, scale stability, chemical resistance are looked for in magnesite.


More than % 90 of produced magnesite ore is used for basic refractor brickmaking by converting to caustic calcined magnesite and sinter magnesite. Raw magnesite on %10 rate is also used for production of magnesium salts and some drugs and cement, paper and sugar industry.